Governing Board Members

At the Annual General Assembly on September 24th, Chelsea Elementary’s 2020/2021 Governing Board (GB) was formed. Throughout the year, the GB will work together at the school level to provide guidance and make decisions that affect the life of the school. This includes voting on policies and overseeing the implementation of the school’s educational project, fundraisers, budget, school fees, and other such items. In addition to Principal Gage and two
Community Representatives (yet to be appointed), the GB is comprised of the following elected parent and staff representatives:

Staff Representatives:
Alison Goulais –
Dhalia Tanasoui –
Heather Beresford –
Lucas Brown-
Matthew McIntyre –
Leslie Fumerton –

Parent Representatives:

Keri George, Governing Board
Eric Advokaat/Jennifer Olson, Parent Committee Representative on WQSB Parent Committee –,
Abeeha Hassan, Secretary –
Jessica Takacs –
Amanda DeGrace-

As Parent Representatives, we are there to voice the concerns and viewpoint of the parents and caregivers of our students. Please feel free to reach out to anyone of the Parent Representatives throughout the year and we’d be more than happy to bring your concern or comment to the rest of the Board. You also have the opportunity to voice your comments directly at the Public Forum, which is a standing agenda item at all of our meetings.