About Us

Who we are:

The Chelsea Home and School Association (CHSA) is an independent, not for profit, volunteer organization registered with the Quebec Federation of Home and Schools Association (QFHSA). We promote the involvement of parents, students, educators and the community at large in the advancement of learning and act as a voice for families. This is accomplished by:

  • Creating a sense of belonging;
  • Providing necessary funding, at the school level, to close the gaps between the available resources and the current needs;
  • Supporting literacy;
  • Providing enriched educational opportunities and resources for students;
  • Offering opportunities for parents to meet, discuss, share experiences, and learn from other parents;

Our membership consists of parents, teachers and administrators from the school.

What we do:

  • The CHSA raised over $10,000.00 during the 2019-2020 school year. We funded several projects including new books for the library and classrooms, cultural events, butterfly raising kits, food & refreshments for graduation ceremony, teacher appreciation week and other smaller projects. Funds raised over the past few years were allocated to the construction of the new Outdoor Learning Centre. This year, our focus will be on technology and cultural events.
  • The CHSA organizes and runs various fundraising and spirit activities such as:
    • Halloween Dance;
    • Scholastic Book Fair;
    • Winter Carnival;
    • Spring Fling;
    • Fun Fridays
    • Movie nights
    • BBQs; and more!

Members vs Volunteer:

  • Members:
    • Assist in the planning of current and future years’ events;
    • Vote on funding allocations;
    • Attend monthly meetings on a regular basis;
    • Attend the Annual General Meeting in May
    • Pays annual membership fee of $20.00 (membership fee collected is submitted to the QFHSA).
  • Volunteers:
    • Are contacted and solicited prior to scheduled events;
    • Participate and/or assist on an ad hoc basis in the execution of events