Governing Board

Governing Board

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Message from the board’s chair:

Dear parents,

The Chelsea Elementary School Governing Board is made up of six parents (2-year terms), six school staff members, including one daycare staff member, a Home & School representative, and two community members (all 1-year terms). The 2017 community members are Rachel Paquette (of the NCC) and Caryl Green (Mayor of Chelsea).

The Governing Board discusses and approves matters related to the school’s educational project, student supervision policy, the rules of conduct, the approach for the implementation of the basic school regulation, the time allocation for each subject and the use of the school’s premises. The Governing Board works very closely with the school Principal to achieve common goals and ensure student success.

From time to time, the Governing Board strikes additional committees. Currently, the Outdoor Learning Centre committee (a joint project of the Governing Board and the Home and School Association) is working on developing an outdoor learning centre for our school! Tricia Steeves and Correne Giles lead this group.

All Governing Board meetings are public, and parents are welcome to attend. The agenda is sent out to all parents in the week before each meeting.

Parents are also invited to contact their representatives with any comments, questions, concerns and ideas related to the governing of the school. (For matters related to specific children or staff, please start with contacting your child’s teacher and the principal.) The parent reps are indicated below.

Faith Mansfield