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Professional Development (PD) Days

The After School Program will provide service on PD Days beginning after the first day of classes and continuing until the end of the school year for a total of 10 PD days throughout the school year.

  •  Hours of operation for P.D. Days are 7:30 – 5:30.

Parents need to register their child / children for each PD Day. The program will have a sign-up deadline for every PD Day that must be respected. Once this deadline has passed, no other registrations will be accepted and no refund will be available. Parents will also be charged $7.39 cancellation/no show fee if parents cancel after the deadline or if their child does not attend the P.D. Day after they have registered.  This applies to students who attend on a regular basis or students who are registered as Sporadic but who would like to attend the P.D. Days.

D. Day services are available to the entire school population, however, priority is given to students who attend Daycare on a regular basis. If there is room then Sporadic students will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.   Information will be made available through the school newsletter and it is parents’ responsibility to ensure their child is registered. Children showing up without registration will be turned away at the door.

The basic fee for P.D. Days is $16.15 per day for both regular and sporadic users. Extra activity fees may apply for outings, invited guests or other specific activities. This information will be given to you in the monthly school Newsletter.  P. D. Day fees are not included in the monthly fee calculation.