About Us

Who we are…

We are a group of parent volunteers who work together to raise school/community spirit and fundraise to support activities and opportunities within the school that will benefit the children and our community.


Call-out for diversity in members

This is an amazing parent community committed to supporting CE and the experience of our students and teachers. We love welcoming new members and increasing diversity on Home and School. This year, it would be great to boost membership to represent parents across all grades and also men in our parent community.  All are welcome based on availability and interests as our volunteerism becomes such a model for our kids.

In particular, we will be looking at filling the Treasurer role for next year but could bring someone in early to work with our awesome treasurer, Ann. Love numbers?  Ann would love to talk to you.

Want to join our team as a member? We are always looking for new members and have lots of activities requiring volunteers! Membership is $20 per annum and you can fill out a membership application here.