Dear Parents,

We are heading into the last two months of school and there are many exciting activities taking place whether we remain learning remotely or return to school! Please review the upcoming events section as well as the calendar at the end of the newsletter.

Last month we had to postpone school photos due to the closure; parents will be notified of the new dates once rescheduled. We have our fingers crossed that we will be able to go ahead with the graduation photo date on May 17th.

Thank you to the Chelsea Home and School Association for the gift of Cycle 2 (grade 3 and 4) novel study book sets. The book set selected is the Canadian Silver Birch Fiction Award winners; the novels in this set explore and celebrate diversity and multicultural experiences within Canada. The Home and School is also continuing with the butterfly project and will supply each cycle 1 class and the Centre class with caterpillars. Students will get to observe the incredible process of metamorphosis and then release their class butterflies.

This month we will continue to explore the value of environmental stewardship and hope to be back at school for associated hands-on learning.

May is also Asian Heritage month, a time to learn about and celebrate the history and contributions of Asian Canadians. More information can be found at:

Class lists for next school year will be established shortly and parents are welcome to send specific requests that they would like considered. Each year the teaching staff work hard to place children in classes which best support their academic and social-emotional needs. If you feel that there is a unique situation that requires consideration, please email While we can’t accommodate every request we do our best to do so.

As we head into the final stretch of the school year, one which has
required a lot of flexibility, growth and cooperation, I’d like to thank our community members for their work. Staff, students and parents have navigated the many twists and turns this year and throughout these challenges the heart of our community has been ever present.

All the best,
Andrea Gage