Dear Chelsea Community,

The Terry Fox Run was a huge success! Not only was the weather wonderful, the volunteers plentiful, and the students enthusiastic, but this year the Chelsea Team raised $6 777.45! A special thank you to all who supported this event including the MRC des Collins and the Chelsea Fire Department!

Throughout September new student registrations have continued! Our school population is now at 295 students and I want to send a warm welcome to the new families that have joined our school.

Every fall we practice our emergency procedures. This month we will have a practice fire drill and a practice lock down. These practices are supported by the Fire Department and the MRC and are done to ensure efficient response in the event of the emergency. If you have any questions related to the practices please let me know.

In October you will receive your child’s first official communication, the Progress Report. Please ask your child’s teacher if you have any questions regarding this. You will also receive information shortly regarding the updated Quebec sexuality education program.

Thank you to the Home and School Association for the back to school BBQ!


Andrea Gage,