Dear Parent Community,

April was very busy with various Earth Actions. I want to congratulate the Chelsea students, staff, and parents for all their efforts to support student-led initiatives to act in the interest of the Earth.

Music Makers was a huge success and Chelsea participated with a choir of approximately 60 students. During their performance, the student voices were accompanied by those playing ukulele. It was a courageous and beautiful performance made possible by amazing volunteers, teaching staff, and parent support!

Peter Joynt, an Ottawa musician and motivational speaker, presented to our students last month sharing his story of living with a speech impediment. Peter emphasized the importance of never limiting yourself.

I would like to remind parents that during May and June, students participate in end of year assessments. It is very important that students are present, arrive on time and are well rested in order to achieve to their potential.

During the month of May we will explore the value of perseverance. Children can feel overwhelmed by challenges and it is important to equip children to deal with setbacks or disappointment. Encourage your child to use the language of growth; change, “I can’t do this” to “I can’t do this yet!”. We will be exploring the importance of perseverance throughout the month.

Andrea Gage
Chelsea Elementary