Dear Parent Community,

March has arrived and will begin with the March Break holiday. I wish everyone a relaxing time to reconnect with family and friends.

February was a busy month and included Hundred’s Day, Défi Génie – Engineering Challenge, the WQSB volleyball tournament, and our Jump Rope for Heart fundraising campaign. Thank you to all the parents who were involved in supporting their child(ren) and the school in these events!

A big thank you goes to Home and School for organizing Staff Appreciation Week this month; thank you to parents for the staff acknowledgments and contributions for a very memorable week. There were no blank spaces left on the bulletin board THANK YOU FOR LAUNCHING OUR LEARNING and the lunch was a nourishing gift!

This month will include numerous special learning activities for students so please review the Calendar of upcoming Events.

This month the Chelsea choir will begin practices in preparation for the Music Makers performance on April 17th. The choir is supported by two volunteers, a parent and a grandparent, as well as two teaching staff and is an enriching experience for students from grades 1-6.

Next month, the value we will be exploring is CREATIVITY. Creativity is an important skill for both educators and parents to nurture in our children. Creative intelligence allows our children to access various forms of expression and to respond to the ever changing world. Creativity in this sense is not linked solely to the arts; it is a mindset that allows students to think critically, generate ideas and test these ideas. It also promotes the acceptance of set-backs as natural within a creative process. Please explore
these ideas with your child and make the ordinary extraordinary!


Andrea Gage
Chelsea Elementary